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Meet The Trainer

My name is Alexa Young

Lydia’s natural ability to work with dogs comes from her background competitively showing horses around the PNW, and a childhood growing up wild with her family’s Malamute, Keeshond, and Rough Collie. Lydia uses a balanced training approach to provide clear communication, so owners can gain a connection with their canine that brings harmony to their home. Lydia believes every opportunity is a training opportunity and has a goal to make training easy to incorporate into your everyday life.



1 on 1 Training Family Style 

Expecting? Have a New Born? Maybe a few two legged little ones.

Lydia has some tips and tricks for you from her own experience over the past 17 months! From preparing her pack while pregnant, working with her pack postpartum, to having a mobile baby thrilled about her canine siblings, Lydia has some knowledge to share.


Tails and Tiny Toes

This course focuses on preparing your dog for the arrival of your newborn, and how to set yourself and your dog up for success when the big day comes, if it hasn’t already!


  • Dog body language and what to look out for

  • What tools work best for your dog

  • What goals are there before baby comes? Or now that baby is here?

  • Planning the introduction

  • Baby boundary (out, leave it)

  • Place command

  • Desensitization to baby noises

  • Communication with the leash

  • Walking with a stroller

  • Impulse control and when it comes in handy

  • Threshold manners (no one likes to get pulled through a doorway while carrying their baby!)

  • Teaching our babies dog etiquette

  • Advocating for our dogs when baby becomes mobile

  • Meal times and risks of letting your dog clean up after baby and how place command can help


Canines and Kiddos

Training is much more successful when there’s consistency between handlers in the home. This package focuses on dog behavior and lightly covers Basic Obedience with the goal of teaching kids how to be confident and respectful while interacting with the family dog.

  • Dog behavior and body language

  • What tools work best for your dog

  • Marker words

  • Positions (sit, down, come)

  • Place command

  • Rewards

  • Corrections

  • How to hold the leash

  • Loose leash walking games to play

  • Advocating for your dog

  • Respecting your dog

The Basics

Basic Obedience Training Sessions


Training is what bridges the gap between our unnatural lifestyle and the lifestyle that makes sense to our canine companions. Here we focus on all the basics that build a solid foundation to expand upon. Great for first time dog parents/parents of young puppies. 


•   What tools work best for your dog

•   Marker words

•   Leash communication

•   Engagement and eye contact

•   Positions (sit, down, come)

•   Intro to place command

•   Duration and what it means

•   Rewards 

•   Corrections

•   Understanding pressure and release

•   Loose leash walking games

•   Heel command

•   Decompression

•   Tethered Decompression

•   Building food drive

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Get Started 


60 - 90 Minutes


In this one on one appointment you will meet with our Lead Trainer and Owner Lydia. 

You will discuss your dogs behaviors, and what your training goals are. Lydia will discuss her methods of training, estimated timeline to meet your goals and a rough curriculum to follow in your future appointments. 

The $100 cost of the consultation appointment can be applied to the cost of a Training Package* (4 pack or 8 pack) if purchased same day.

*Packages expire 6 months from purchase and are non refundable

By appointment only

1 on 1 Training

60 Minutes

For clients who have already completed a consultation appt.

In one on one sessions we will work on pre determined personal goals. 

We host one on one training sessions in the

VFW Ballard 2812 NW Market Street

next door to our Luna's Landing Ballard Location.

By appointment only

Get In Touch





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