Hi Lydia,


I wanted to send a note thanking you for everything you do for Tuna (my Luna). Before she started staying at Luna's Landing twice a week, she was insecure, high-anxiety, and had trouble playing with other dogs. It was clear she wanted to have fun but had no idea how.  By giving her time away from me and an opportunity to learn from you and your crew, she's evolved so much.


She no longer follows me from room to room (I tripped over her really badly once) and I can leave the house without worrying about her crying, howling, or becoming destructive in her kennel. I was kind of tethered to my home before.


I've been so fortunate to see her on Instagram playing with the dogs you care for, because I know their owners are getting the same benefit that I am. Dogs are family, and to have my only roommate go from an anxious mess to a confident friend has been amazing and liberating.  


Thank you for everything you do. I hope your business thrives. You're talented and deserve it.

Daniel, Luna's Dad

(Golden Retriever)

Lydia is absolutely amazing! I feel worry free on my vacations when I leave my boy with Luna’s Landing - Lydias place is like a big play park! Lydia is always in the yard playing with the pups. She is attentive and always there taking excellent care of the fur babies.

April, Levi's Mom


My dog, Sundance, goes to Luna’s one day a week just for some socialization and some extra exercise. When we get him home at the end of the day he’s ready to fall asleep standing up. It’s like Disneyland for dogs. He loves it and the price and location are wonderful.

Ivy, Sunny's Mom