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How We Started


Out of our Home

During the summer of 2020, Colt Lippincott had the wild idea of encouraging his wife, Lydia, to follow her life long dream of working with dogs as a career. Both being unemployed due to the pandemic, they put everything they had into creating their doggie daycare. Before they knew it, Luna's Landing had outgrown their little blue rental house and it was time to find a larger location.


The Ballard Spot

Opened in January of 2023, our Ballard location is the new place for all your dog-related needs! Right on Market Street, with 3,000sqft of indoor space, it's the perfect place to grow.  


Thanks to so many wonderful clients and hardworking staff, the future looks bright for Luna's Landing Dog Care!

Meet The Pack



Early January 2020, a Pit Bull-Great Dane puppy stole our hearts. We adopted Luna from a Texas rescue, and right away we noticed she was special. Not only was she the missing piece to our personal pack, she also helped us transform foster after foster. It wasn't long until she gave us the idea of Luna's Landing.



Lydia had sworn off fostering as it was too much to say goodbye, but when her original foster director contacted her about a boy who was about to watch all 6 of his littermates board their transport leaving him behind, she couldn't say no. Off the moving truck he melted in her arms, and she knew deep in her heart she wasn't going to let him go.



Besides taking his job as Lydia's Emotional Support Animal very seriously, Harv loves showing off his tricks, hiking in the PNW, and spreading smiles wherever he goes.  



Tiny yet mighty, this Chihuahua-Corgi loves hanging out with the big kids, just as much as being surrounded by fellow littles. When she isn't on puppy duty, Olive spends her down time burrowed under blankets, and scheming new ways to ambush her siblings.



Lydia believes her empathetic soul came from her traumatic upbringing. As a child, Lydia's best friends were her family's Malamute, and Keeshond mix. Wanting to understand her friends more, she studied breed books front to back. Over the years, Lydia has never been without a dog, and she couldn't imagine her life any other way. With love and patience being the foundation of her style, Lydia uses a balanced training approach.



Always having a deep love for animals, Colt is passionate about dogs living their best lives. As Lydia's husband and teammate, he's not only Luna's Landing's handy man, but also a playtime referee, and professional nap time snuggle buddy.

Founding Doggos



Abandoned as a senior, Colt rescued Fudge and gave her the forever she deserved. Fudge crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2020, and for such a little creature, Fudge left a giant impression on all those who knew her.


Daisy Mae

As a child, Lydia persuaded her mom to rescue Daisy, an abused Golden Retriever-Aussie mix, owned by a neighbor down the road. Working with Daisy to overcome her fears and gain trust, she became Lydia's first rehab project and established her passion for rescue and rehabilitation. Daisy never left Lydia's side for 16 wonderful years, until she crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2014.

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