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Going out of town? No problem! Your dog will be loved on as one of our own while you’re away. 

Luna's started in the front yard of a little blue house in Ballard and all boarding was hosted in our home. With the arrival of baby April in November 2022, we made the tough decision to separate home and business.


All boarding reservations will be hosted in Ballard. Dogs must be in by 11 am to keep balance of the energy levels of the pack and time to acclimate before settling down for the night. Your dog will spend their days socializing and playing with the day care dogs. They will have meals and bedtime in their own private suite. 


We invested in high quality Impact brand crates for the peace of mind that comes with knowing your pet is secure and comfortable during their stay. We have also brought on two amazing night owls to work overnight and provide 24 hour supervision to our pack. 

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To be eligible for Boarding, new dogs will need to come in for a Trial Day and a Second Day of daycare to ensure they are comfortable with the new environment. The second day can be scheduled online through the customer portal.

The second day of care before boarding is not an additional behavioral evaluation; it’s for the comfort and well-being of dogs unfamiliar with the environment. Attending a new daycare can be an overwhelming experience for many dogs, even if they have prior daycare experience. The second day gives your pooch extra time to adjust to our routines and gets them more familiar with our handlers and regular pooches. Our main goal and priority are for all pups in our facility to have a pleasant and safe stay.

If we haven't seen your dog in over 6 months, we will require a re-evaluation. 

All dogs must be crate trained.

Services and Hours

Overnight boarding includes: their suite, feedings + medications, bedding + bowls, and playtime while parks are open for $75 per night. Boarding Reservations can be made online, in-store, or by email.


Drop off before 11am for seamless adjustment to the pack's energy, full day of daycare and better nights sleep for your dog. 

It is especially important to make reservations as early as possible during peak Holiday times. During holiday periods, boarding rates are increased by $10 per night


  • Memorial Day Weekend: May 26th-May 30th

  • July 4th Weekend: July 1st -July 5th

  • Labor Day Weekend: September 1st -September 5th

  • Thanksgiving: November 22th-November 26th

  • Christmas + New Year’s: December 20th-January 2nd


Why are there additional holiday fees?

Holidays are often a challenging time for those in the dog daycare and boarding business. In addition to the higher number of reservations, we also have several new dogs and dogs that haven’t visited us recently, which can escalate some behaviors and cause separation anxiety. It can be a stressful time and the holiday fee helps us pay our valued staff time and a half


The standard boarding rate covers a 24-hour period from the time you drop off. After 24 hours, normal daycare rates apply for partial or full days.

Example: If you drop your pup off at 9:00AM on Friday and pick up at 9:00AM on Saturday, you would be charged only for one night of boarding. However, if you were to drop off at 9:00AM on Friday and pick up at 5:00PM on Saturday, this would be one night of boarding plus a day of daycare.

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luna smol.jpg

What Should I Pack?

  • Food: premeasured meals in Labeled Ziploc bags are always appreciated especially during holidays plus a little extra in case of travel delays or emergencies (please do no not use any GLASS containers)

  • Medication* if needed * all Prescription medication should be provided in Rx bottle with dog’s name, vet information, and instructions. Please provide specific instructions for administration including times, and tips or tricks in your Gingr profile.

  • For picky eaters you can always pack a preferred enticement/topper to add to meals. Luna’s Landing will keep on hand an assortment of meal add ins we may suggest when a dog is not eating well for an additional charge.

  • Quick Release collar with Name tag

  • Comfort Items/Things that smell like home: Blanket, T-shirt, etc.

  • Toys: Plush or rubber toys that are ok for minimal supervision


* Please note Luna’s Landing cannot administer life sustaining medication. This is deemed as medication the dog requires regularly to prevent a life-threatening scenario such as insulin, chemotherapy medication, heart medication, anti-seizure medication, etc. Luna’s Landing will also not administer medication that is not prescribed to the dog and will require the medication’s prescription bottle or documentation from the vet stating the dog requires the medication. Over the counter medication can be administered if it is recommended by the vet and helps treat a condition the dog has. Medication that can be skipped for the few days the dog is boarding with us should stay at home to limit the amount of medication our staff is required to administer, document, and log daily.


What to Leave at Home:
  • Glass or ceramic- for safety of the pups and the staff please refrain from packing any breakable items

  • Large beds that do not fit inside the suites

  • Travel Crates

  • Any toys with rips or tears where loose stuffing or squeakers can cause a choking hazard

  • Rope toys or tennis ball. Both are fun to tear apart and can cause a choking hazard.

  • Hard chews that require supervision such as rawhide, bones, or antlers

  • Bowls, no need we will provide bowls for all boarding dogs. Need a slow feeder? Just let us know. We will have them readily available.

  • Air Tags, and other GPS technology trackers. All Air tags will be removed during group time. They can pose a choking hazard. Luna's Landing will not cover the cost of trackers lost or damaged during boarding

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Boarding Tips:

  • We highly recommend that your pooch get a bath at the end of their boarding stay, especially lengthier stays.

  • We’ll confirm Feeding and Medication instructions and pre check questions at check in. Please plan a few extra minutes at drop off to chat with a team member.

  • Let us know if you'd like to add any Walks, Chews, Nail Trims, or Baths, or anything else to the stay when you check in.

  • For dogs using our overnight Boarding services, we highly recommend regular daycare visits to make the overall experience better for your dog. We've found that dogs that come in for daycare between their boarding stays tend to be less anxious as they are more familiar with the environment and the daily routine.

Boarding Cancellation

We are proud to offer limited boarding capacity, that allows us to offer each dog more personal attention. When we hit capacity, the limited space may force us to turn away some clients for boarding. When clients pick up their dogs early, cancel reservations, or change reservations without an appropriate amount of notice (at minimum 72 hours), it is frequently too late for us to fill the space that we reserved for them because the clients that we turned away have already made other arrangements. This causes us to lose income because that space is then left vacant. Due to the loss of revenue as a result of no shows, untimely cancellations, schedule changes, and early pickups, we have implemented the following cancellation policies.


Nightly Standard Boarding $75/ 24 hours

50% deposit of total reservation cost will be collected at time of booking.

*Does not include last day of day care fee added at pick up.


72 hours or more notice full refund of deposit

72 hours or less notice $50 cancellation fee

48 hours or less notice forfeit 25% of full reservation fee

24 hours or less notice forfeit 50% of full reservation fee

Early pick up you will forfeit 50% of remaining reservation.

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