• Going out of town? No problem! Your dog will be loved on as one of our own while you’re away. 

  • We provide: Beds, crates and bowls.

  • Owners to supply: Food and optional easy to wash comfort item. 




  • Dog(s) must be dropped off at daycare before 11am 

  • Dog(s) must be picked up by 7pm. If you have a late flight or ferry, please book an additional night of boarding.

  • Food needs to be provided in an airtight container. Ziplock bags are OK

  • In order for us to stay organized, loose items like chews or medication need to be provided in a bag or container.

  • Please, no oversized beds or blankets.

  • Unfortunately, females that come into heat before a boarding reservation will need to find accommodations elsewhere. We suggest your primary vet.

Daycare fee included


Boarding Services

Grooming Services

Nail Clip

Nail Trim & Grind

If you're worried about clipping their nails too short, or if your dog is a little fussy with their feet, we've got it covered! 

$15 (under 40lbs)  $20 (over 40lbs) $25 (over 80lbs)

Dog in Action

Gland Expression

An important service that's necessary for a dogs healthy life.


French Bulldog

Ear Cleaning

Floppy or not, every dog needs their ears kept clean!