Going out of town? No problem! Your dog will be loved on as one of our own while you’re away. 

We provide: Beds, crates and bowls.

Owners to supply: Food and optional easy to wash comfort item. 



Puppy Boarding

If you're nervous about leaving your puppy behind for an upcoming trip, don't worry! We are here to help. Your pup will get the love it needs while also supporting your potty training and crate training goals. 



Boarding Services

Grooming Services

Nail Clip

Nail Trim & Grind

If you're worried about clipping their nails too short, or if your dog is a little fussy with their feet, we've got it covered! 

$15 (under 40lbs)  $20 (over 40lbs) $25 (over 80lbs)

Dog in Action

Gland Expression

An important service that's necessary for a dogs healthy life


French Bulldog

Ear Cleaning

Floppy or not, every dog needs their ears kept clean!


Dog's Portrait

Sanitary Trim

Got a fluffy butt that's out of control? Sanitary trims are great to help your dog stay clean and healthy!


Dog Therapy

Pad Shave

Muddy paws? A quick pad shave helps keep things tidy